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1. I put up my Christmas tree last night...then it promptly fell back down. It was an artificial tree that I've had for 12 years and the ex got it for $25, so I think I got my money's worth. I ended up propping it up with a present.

2. I have a 'business trip' tomorrow. Well, I get to drive 4 hours to learn how to draw blood from fake arms. A certain local nurse named [personal profile] cephalopinguin would have done it for me here without the state spending the money on 2 nights in a swanky hotel, mileage and days of meals, with real arms!

3. In my frantic *Must wash clothes and pack* evening tonight (after putting the fallen Christmas tree carnage into big black trash bags) I happened upon The Sing-off. It's a show for a cappella groups and I have fallen in love with 4 of the top 8 groups. Here are a couple of videos, one from the show other.

The Whiffenpoofs singing 'Grace Kelly' by Mika

On The Rocks singing 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga

Please don't break the interwebz while I'm away! I will have to catch up on about 40 ongoing fics as it is!
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As you know the Southern Accent comes out when I am excited.

1. Thank you all so much for your lovely Birthday wishes, messages, virtual gifts and texts! I appreciate all of them!!

2. I went to NC Pride this weekend as usual, but this time we made it to *the* gay club in NC, LEGENDS. This was not the first time, we just don't usually make it to the club for pride for some reason. I was brought up on stage and a lovely drag queen wished me happy 31st! I was also told by a man that I was the most beautiful lady there (he was v.v. drunk) and while we were talking another man walked by and said "Don't you have some pretty titties". That made my night.

3. It is raining elephants right now. Though I live a stone's throw from a river, I am not worried about my car or apartment flooding, but there is some craziness around the ENC! This is the first time I have ever seen school closed for RAIN! To be fair, we got about 10-12 inches overnight.

4. I GOT A JOB!!!!!

I just got a call that I got the job with the NC Dept of Health and Human Services. For lack of a better description, I will be keeping an eye on HIV and Syphilis cases in this part of the state. This one will not be boring :-D

5. A pic or 3 from Pride/Birthday Weekend. )


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