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If you are in the U.S. and have the ability, make sure that you vote at some point.
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I have started walking this week. I am going to the cemetery after dropping the little man off at school and walking around once (a bit over a mile). As I build endurance, I will add more twists and turns, but the perimeter is good right now. This is a very popular place to walk or run, but I got some really interesting looks while singing "Every little thing she does is magic...everything she do just turns me on...." while on my trek this morning.

I have now lost a bit over a pound since the last time I trusted the scale, which is good :D

Almost back down to Jamaica weight. One more pound to get back to where I was two months ago and 21 more to go overall. YAY!
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My weigh-in this week is exactly the same as last week. It is time to make use of the Student Rec Center and see what kinds of aerobics/dance/martial arts classes they are offering.

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Not quite a pound off this week, but I have lost an inch and a half off the waist!

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YAY!!! I have been doing pretty well this week (despite the cravings for Krispy Kreme) I even had a really good salad for lunch one day. Now, I just have to do more exercising.
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I am going to keep working at this weight-loss thing! Today is weigh-day, so here we go for the week of Aug 1-7...

Down almost 3 pounds in a couple of was hormonal. Next week will be more of a normal weightloss.

EDIT: Hmmm...the old one moves too... how did I miss that?
From now on, these will be up on my Profile page...that's motivation, right?....except that I usually go straight to my flist....
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A while back, I started dieting in order to loose 30 pounds before I went to Jamaica. I actually lost a little over 10, which I thought was really good. Unfortunately, I have found 8 of the 10, so now I need to get rid of those again, and really get down to where I want to be.

Today I joined [ profile] fandomweighs_in and I also got the little ticker bar to help have something tangible to look at.

Yay for loosing some weight.

Now if I could just get a stationary bike or treadmill that had internet access....


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