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1. Family is safe and houses are (mostly) fine in the immediate family.
2. Trees are down everywhere. We were able to get out of the house today and go to town for gas.
3. Needed gas for the generator b/c the power is STILL out! No air-con since Friday night at 11pm. It rained and we had gusty winds (up to 75+ mph) from 6pm Friday to 2am Sunday morning.
4. Very thankful that it was relatively not bad around home, because we saw trees in living rooms and roofs torn off hotels like plastic tarps. If this thing had been a category 3 as predicted, rather than the category 1 it came on land as, this would be a very different post.
5. I am so TIRED of playing Gin Rummy right now!!!!!
6. My job goes along with (local county) government as far as closings. How come (local county) was the ONLY school/business on the list that said OPEN for business as usual? WTF? the local university shut down Monday and they were open during the majority of Hurricane Floyd in '99. I was a very pregnant student at the time, I know!
7. I am very thankful for all the power people that have come from other states to help NC. I know that there are several places where the posts that power lines were on were ripped out of the ground. A friend called and said he has power, but his mom's may be out for another 3-10 days. I have no idea about mine, but it has been reported.
8. I think I am going to take Monday off and do some community service by going over to my brother's neighborhood to help out some of the older residents get the trees/twigs/branches/shingles out of the yards and some tarps over the roofs where there was serious damage. I have no trees in my yard and had no damage to the house.
9. If power isn't back by tomorrow, I will be descending upon SOMEONE for a hot shower soon!
10. I will give another update soon (hopefully).


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