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Sometimes you can get some really good deals in unexpected places!

1. Old Navy

Yesterday was some sort of Sweet 16 sale. I wanted to find a nice professional looking winter coat, but the pea coats I like were around $50. I was looking for $16...big difference! I did find a couple of fleece sweatshirts, a sweater and a really nice winter coat for the young man and a dress and a cute pair of jeans for me. Everything I bought was $16 (the fleece tops were 2 for $16) so I got $152 worth of stuff for $80!!! I love ON!!

I was lamenting the high cost of the nice coats, and the cashier told me that the 1st wknd in Nov. would be a big outerwear sale, so I will def. check back

2. The Mall

I did see the Sexy Destroy Your Childhoood costumes, but my main interest was sales. Learner New York (New York and Co.?) had lots of summer clothes on clearance and I got some nice work pants a couple of business type shirts on the cheap. I also got a really nice work-type suit for 70% off at the outlet store in town. YAY!

3. The Flea Market

Instead of going halfway across the state for church (special occasion kinda stuff of no real importance to me) I went to breakfast with my parents (it wasn't that special to them either), then I went to the flea market. Some days you can get some really good deals, and some days it's a waste of gas. Today, I got a few deals. I wasn't able to get the shoes I wanted b/c they were a half size too small, but behold my 3 necklaces under $5:

And Closeup! Can you believe these were $1.50 each???

It honestly does not take much to make me happy!
Maybe these things are all a good omen for my first day of work tomorrow :D
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